Course Description

E-Book Publishing

This comprehensive course will guide you through every step needed to successfully publish your E-Book and see it for sale across the world's online bookstores.

Whether you’re a new writer or an experienced one, this course will provide you with the actual, hands-on skills you need to become an independently published author.

What you will learn:

You’ll learn what E-Books are, where they are sold and how royalties can be earned. You will be guided through, step-by-step, how to set-up your Kindle Direct Publishing account with Amazon, the biggest seller of E-Books in the world. We will show you exactly how to navigate the US tax registration system, so that you can reap the most royalty payments. We will explain the pros and cons of Amazon's exclusive programs and to contrast and compare, you will also learn about aggregators. Not only how they work and how they help your book be sold in the widest marketplaces, but also how you set-up your account with, and upload your books to, one of the biggest of them, Draft2Digital.

Add to that, the hands-on skills to:

  • Format your manuscript from a raw Microsoft® Word document into a ready-for-conversion file
  • Use Calibre to convert those files
  • Harness the power of Amazon's Kindle conversion process
  • Use the Draft2Digital tools to make your book available to online shops and libraries. 

All of this, and much more, including a unit on promotion and marketing, is explained in the relaxed and fun manner that is the signature of a Book Reality Academy course.

This hands-on guide to E-Book publishing is delivered in 'bite-size' training elements that can be squeezed into any coffee break, letting you go at your own pace and learn quickly without tying you to your keyboard for days.

Your trainer:

Guiding you through the course in his relaxed and fun style is Ian Andrew, Executive Director of the Book Reality Experience, an Amazon best-selling Indy author in his own right and a trainer with over three decades of experience. He’ll ease you through the steps that will see your book for sale in the online bookstores of the world.

Don’t miss out on this brilliant opportunity to take control of your online publications and become an author – it’s no longer a dream, it’s Your Book Reality.

Indy Author

Ian Andrew

Ian grew up in Larne, Northern Ireland. Aged 18, he left to join the Royal Air Force and worked initially as an aircraft technician before being commissioned as an Intelligence Officer. After serving for two decades he relocated, with his Australian wife, to the rural south-west of Western Australia and established a training consultancy business, specialising in communication skills and the practical use of Microsoft® Office applications, becoming an accredited Microsoft® trainer. Surrounded by a resident mob of kangaroos, he began to concentrate on his writing and independently published his first novel, ‘A Time To Every Purpose’ in 2014. He followed this in 2015 with ‘Face Value’, the first of the Wright & Tran detective thrillers. As well as running the Book Reality Experience he is currently working on the fourth novel in the Wright & Tran series."Every course at the Book Reality Academy is designed to be entertaining, engaging and informative - in that order - because I believe learning is much easier if we’re relaxed and having fun. So come on in, go at your own pace and quickly gain the skills you need to become an Indy Author."Ian

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Introduction to E-Book Publishing

    • Downloading Samples

    • Face Value Sample Content

    • Face Value Sample Cover

  • 2

    E-Books and ISBNs

    • E-Books and ISBNS

  • 3

    E-Book Covers

    • E-Book Cover Specifications

  • 4

    Formatting Word for E-Books

    • Unit Introduction

    • Differences in page setup for E-Book versus Paperback

    • Viewing your Document

    • Using in-built Word styles

    • Creating your own Word styles

    • End matter set-up

    • Adding author hyperlinks

    • Adding other book hyperlinks

    • Front matter set-up

    • Adding a Table of Contents

    • Saving the documents

  • 5

    Using Calibre to Convert Your E-Book

    • Calibre - Uploading documents and setting Metadata

    • Calibre - Converting your document

    • Calibre - Revising your document

  • 6

    Amazon's KDP

    • Unit Introduction

    • Registering your KDP account

    • Account setup

    • Banking details

    • Tax interview

    • Uploading your manuscript - Details

    • Uploading your manuscript - Content

    • Uploading your manuscript - Pricing

    • KDP Interface - Bookshelf interface

    • KDP Interface - Reports, Community & KDP Select

  • 7


    • Account setup

    • Account tab

    • Payment options

    • Book upload

    • Format and cover

    • Publication and sales channels

    • Reports and universal book links with

  • 8

    Promoting Your Book

    • Amazon Author Central

    • Book Bub

    • Fussy Librarian & Ebooksoda

    • Kindle Book Review & Pixelscroll

    • Goodreads and Book Funnel

  • 9

    End of Course Summary

    • Summary

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.